Meet the Team

Lucy Whitley

I’m Lucy from Devon in the UK. I am currently working towards a PhD in Water and Waste Infrastructure and Services Engineered for Resilience at Cranfield University. In 2018, I also completed an MSc in Water and Sanitation for Development at Cranfield and was lucky enough to be offered a role to support an international NGO in Uganda through SAFAD. In this role I was able to put my academic and technical knowledge from Cranfield into practice in the field to support communities who suffer from limited access to vital resources. Now, I am back at Cranfield and I hope that I can bring my experience working with NGOs together to support SAFAD and the fantastic work it does for developing communities around the world.

Hannah Ritchie

I’m SAFAD Treasurer for 2020-21. I’m from the North West of England and moved to Cranfield in 2019 to do a PhD in WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene). I’m most interested in rural water security and perceptions of water quality.

In my spare time I love to run, read, and I am learning French. I joined SAFAD in 2019 as Fundraising Officer and have carried on with the team as I believe the work SAFAD does is important for providing overseas assistance and for offering students the experience to volunteer abroad.  

Nnenna Esther Chukwuekezie

I’m an MSc student of Water and Wastewater Engineering, Cranfield University. I am Nigerian and passionate about water safety and sanitation as a means to promoting public health. 

I grew up in the Eastern part of Nigeria where we battled with water scarcity during the dry season. This influenced my decision to study a water-related course. Upon hearing about the role of SAFAD in community development, I was moved to identify with them. I am keen to support SAFAD on one of their projects. As part of my research plan, I intend to volunteer with an NGO responsible for ensuring the availability of safe water source and hygiene. The requisite skills needed, I am confident SAFAD will offer me.

Adeola Asipa

I am from Nigeria and I studied Advanced Chemical Engineering at Cranfield University with the 2019/2020 cohort. I came across the advert for volunteers to join the SAFAD committee on the Cranfield intranet pages, and here I am! It was an opportune moment for me to join, knowing I could handle the challenges of being the project officer whilst working on my PhD applications. Joining SAFAD has given me the opportunity to build on the skills I garnered during my studies, particularly those gained during my group and individual thesis projects. I see it as an excellent opportunity for continuous professional development and an excellent platform to prepare me for future roles. My responsibilities for the role include establishing potential projects with partners, oversea volunteer placements, supporting volunteers to execute projects successfully, and, more importantly, ensuring volunteers’ welfare and safety while providing support to other offices. Working in this role is helping me improve my communication, problem-solving, and project management skills and gain insight into the needs of countries and communities mainly in the global south. I am also learning more about how charity organisations operate. In a few years, I hope to own a charity that focuses on educating the African girl-child.

Prahlad Rajhans

I come from India and am studying MSc in Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems here at Cranfield.

I have always been inclined to drive social change and make a difference. SAFAD, for me, was the best opportunity Cranfield had to offer to positively impact peoples’ lives, especially in developing countries. Even though I am not able to go abroad as a volunteer, I am glad that I can help many other people fulfill their dreams of working with International NGOs towards a cleaner and healthier future. Currently, I am helping the SAFAD team with crowdfunding and keeping the website up to date. The story of SAFAD, right from its foundations in 1969, is awe-inspiring and I hope I can support it in carrying the flaming torch of development towards the vision of a sustainable future while staying true to the values of this organisation.

Louise Tatanga

I’m a Civil Engineer, currently pursuing an MSc programme in  Water and Wastewater Engineering at Cranfield University. I grew up in Cameroon, a low income country with challenging WaSH issues. The continuous water shutdown in urban areas, flood risks, and clean water supply issues for most of rural areas have fueled my passion in water and sanitation topics. This situation guided my involvement with EWB on a distribution project in a remote area of my country. This year, it has motivated my engagement with SAFAD, and I’m the current Communications Officer. This position allows me to interacting with others and, doing so, develop my communication skills. It has been very useful for my integration process and building connections in this new environment.

Abiola Abioye-Yusuff

I am a Nigerian and studying for MSc in Management at the School of Management here at Cranfield. My passion has always been to work to better communities and make a difference in society, which led me to volunteer with SAFAD. SAFAD is an opportunity to continue to impact lives positively within the Cranfield community and developing communities on which SAFAD focuses. For me, using my previous experience, skills and knowledge with various NGO’s to help SAFAD achieve its goals and impact lives brings great joy to me. Presently, I am helping the SAFAD team with fundraising opportunities. The projects SAFAD and its volunteers invest in are exciting, and I hope to continue to support the cause and society.