Projects 2024

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SAFAD is a UK-registered charity run by Cranfield University students. Every year, SAFAD opens an opportunity for graduates to volunteer on placements with partners, NGOs or charity organisations across the world.

SAFAD supports volunteers during their placement with operational and financial support. We aim to cover expenses such as air tickets, accommodation, visa, food, vaccinations, insurance and more. These placements offer an excellent opportunity to gain valuable professional, hands-on experience whilst supporting social and environmental development in the local communities where we work.


All Cranfield Student and Alumni are welcome to apply. If you are interested in applying for a volunteer placement through SAFAD, please send a copy of your CV and the completed SAFAD application form to . Applications are open until June 30th, 2024. If your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview in July 2024, which can be online if required.

Please note, SAFAD is a charity that depends on public and charitable donations; therefore, some projects are dependent on the charity fundraising outcomes. We hope to but cannot guarantee at this stage that all projects advertised for the placements will proceed. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQs on this website or send an email to .

The project durations vary between 3 months to one year, depending on the budget, preferences of the partner and availability of the volunteer. Most of the projects are likely to start after the end of the MSc in September/October 2024 but can also begin at a later date, if necessary, and is subject to the unanimous decision of the host organisation and the volunteer.

Projects Overview

This year we have up to 10 positions with 6 different partner organisations, in 5 different countries! Check out the map and further information!

Here are more details on the placements:

Bridge of Hope, Uganda

Agricultural skills and entrepreneurship capacity building project among farmers’ groups in Iganga District

(1 volunteer for 3-4 months)

CARD PDK, Tamil Nadu, India

Support drinking water, sanitation and hygiene educational projects

(2 volunteers for 6 months)

HYDO, Ghana

Create awareness about usage of safe drinking water in the rural communities of Ghana and the implementation of a borehole construction project

(2 volunteers for 2-3 months)

Nakalema Skilling Project, Uganda

Implement climate smart agricultural project to improve the agricultural standard in Iganga District

(1 volunteer for 6 months)

EcoSwell, Peru (Placement #1)

Design and develop our renewable energy portfolio including resilient medical centres, solar distiller design and off grid household PV system installations

(1 volunteer for 3 months)

EcoSwell, Peru (Placement #2)

Implement water and sanitation project portfolio including Wastewater bio-treatment pilots and hydrogeophysical equipment for community monitoring of groundwater for sustainable use

(1 volunteer for 3 months)

Caminos de Agua, Mexico (Placement #1)

Volunteer will be the key person moving forward the implementation and optimization of the groundwater treatment systems

(1 volunteer for minimum 6 months, ideally 1 year).

Caminos de Agua, Mexico (Placement #2)

The volunteer will help define Caminos’ groundwater treatment system strategy to make our ambitions a reality

(1 volunteer for minimum 6 months, ideally 1 year).