Our history

SAFAD was founded in 1969 after a project to Iran in 1968. Two postgraduates and two undergraduates of the Silsoe college arranged their own sponsorship from companies and organisations and travelled to Iran for five weeks. They stayed at the Karaj Agricultural Training Centre in Iran where they investigated the efficiency of agricultural irrigation systems and demonstrated machinery and soil conservation techniques to students.

The first of many projects in Africa took place in Kenya in 1972, and the first South American project was in Honduras in 1984.

Our projects at a glance:

YearProject destination Year Project destination
1969Iran2000Cameroon, Peru
1972Kenya2001Cameroon, Guatemala, Malawi, Peru
1973Kenya2002Cameroon, Guatemala, Malawi, Peru
1975Malawi2003Ethiopia, Tibet
2004Ethiopia, India, Tibet
1978Nigeria2005Bolivia, Cameroon, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Malawi, Peru, Tibet, Zimbabwe
1980Sri Lanka2006Bolivia, Cameroon, Guatemala, Kenya, Malawi, Peru, Zimbabwe
1982Malaysia2007Bolivia, Cambodia, Chad, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico, Thailand, Uganda
1983Pakistan, Sudan2008Bolivia, Cambodia, Kenya, Myanmar, Zimbabwe
1984 Honduras, Nigeria, Uganda 2009Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Lebanon
1985Honduras, Mexico, Tanzania, Thailand 2010Cambodia, China, Comoros, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, Thailand, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Honduras, Kenya, St Lucia, Thailand
2011Comoros, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya
1987 Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Kenya 2012Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Uganda
1988 Guatemala, India, Kenya 2013Laos, Philippines
1989Cameroon, Guatemala, India, Swaziland 2014Guatemala, Honduras, India, Malawi, Uganda
1990 Cameroon, Guatemala, Swaziland, Thailand 2015Cameroon, Honduras, India, Laos, Malawi, Uganda
1991Cameroon, Guatemala, Swaziland, Thailand2016Laos, Uganda, Zimbabwe
1992Belize, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guatemala, Philippines, Uganda, Zambia2017Haiti, Laos, Uganda
1993Burkina Faso, Cameroon2018Haiti, Honduras
1994Cameroon, Guatemala, India, Nicaragua, Thailand2019
Mexico, Nigeria
1995Cameroon, Guatemala, Uganda2023Peru
1996Cameroon, Guatemala, Peru, Uganda
1997Cameroon, Guatemala, Peru, Uganda
1998Cameroon, Guatemala, Peru, Uganda
1999Cameroon, Guatemala, Peru, Uganda