Volunteering with SAFAD 2020

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Volunteering with SAFAD 2019


Awayi Community, Akwanga Local Government Area, Nasarawa State

Project title: Angbazo Memorial College (AMC) EDUCATION

With the vision of educating today’s children for tomorrow’s world
We build students to develop a keen sense of self-identity, respect, and confidence
5 volunteers
Between 9 and 12 months from September 2019 and September 2020

teaching students from 10-16 years in different selected disciplines

  • European languages
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Agriculture
  • Skill Acquisition


They guarantee 100% hosting for the volunteers.

  1. The educational project: monitoring of school shops
    Enable the poor to have access to school supplies and get the school off to a good start

    3 volunteers / 9 months (October 2019)

  2. Training of girls and women on the transformation of water hyacinth into compost
    Reduce the misuse of chemical inputs not synthesized by our women in gardens and fields.

    3 volunteers / 5 months (Currently in progress)

  3. Zero plastic bags in our schools
    Combating plastic waste

    3 volunteers / 9 months (Soon to come)


Maintenance Centers Project

To provide sustainable preventive and on the spot Wash maintenance services to households and communities for improvement on WASH service quality.

2 volunteers / 12 months

Between September 2019 / September 2020

Volunteer 1

  • Facilitate the Setting up the center communication system using simple mobile technology that is existing in the respective communities.
  • Facilitate the design, execution, and maintenance of the plan of the center including operations, customer care and financial plans
  • Facilitate center and community engagements through demonstrations of the products and services of the center.
  • Facilitate the design, execution, and maintenance of Monitoring and Evaluation of the maintenance center.
  • Facilitated the design, execution, and maintenance of household-level water safety plans and a cumulative community water safety plans
  • Boost the innovative drive of the center by facilitating regular innovation meetings for the center care-takers.
  • Perform other duties as may be required and fall within the capacity and domain of the volunteer and the organization he/she represents.

Volunteer 2

  • Actively participate in community entry and profiling activities
  • Contribute to the Water Safety planning Team on data collection methods and tools for water safety auditing.
  • Actively participate in data collection, analysis and presentation activities
  • Actively participate in the design, execution, and maintenance of water safety plans
  • Actively participate in the design, execution, and maintenance of monitoring and evaluation plans Actively participate in stakeholder engagements and communication activities
  • Actively participate in the WSD innovation scanning activities  Actively participate in the design, execution, and maintenance of the water safety management information system
  • Perform other duties as may be required and fall within the capacity and domain of the volunteer and the organization he/she represents.


Project Title: Research and Technology Development Fellow (“Tech Fellow”)

1 – 2 Volunteers /  12 months / Fall of 2019, we’re not particular


  • Developing, validating, and testing of novel sorbents for fluoride and arsenic removal
  • Designing, implementing, and monitoring field prototypes of the groundwater treatment system with community
  • partners
  • Designing components of our surface water treatment system (“Aguadapt”)
  • Communicating with strategic partners about their water treatment and storage needs
  • Communicating with manufacturers and providers of parts.

Internship description

GOAL Sierra Leone is looking to have intern support some of the ongoing projects in the WASH programme which are primarily focused on using a systems-based approach. The WASH team is currently in the process of analyzing the systems for Sanitation Marketing and Operation and Maintenance of water points and by September 2018 we expect there to be a pilot project intervention for each of these areas. This will be an exciting time to be part of the team as we will be piloting new ideas, and needing to constantly collect data to learn from our experiences and make timely changes to strategies.  Although the exact design of the interventions is not determined yet we expect the intern to be able to contribute and support our work in the following areas:

  • Support the WASH team in Kenema by following up with the marketing approach and behavioral change strategies used in the Sanitation Marketing pilot project. This could include conducting surveys, collection of data, and customer feedback and broader stakeholder opinion.  This information will be used to help the team adaptively manage the project.  There may also be opportunities to work with the private sector to develop products and product supply chains – depending on the final design of the pilot.
  • Support the WASH team in Kenema with the Operation and Maintenance of water points project. This may also include field work to help monitor the project, researching the most appropriate types of handpumps and developing a scalable O&M model to facilitate sustainable access to safe water. 
  • Contribute to the completion of a water quality research project aimed at looking into the water quality of shallow wells in the Kenema district, throughout the year.  This study will have started in April 2018 and will be nearing completion by the end of this placement.  The intern will support the Kenema team to analyse the results and draw out conclusions and recommendations to be shared with the donor funding our work on the rehabilitation of shallow wells.
  • Research alternative designs to septic tanks that are currently being used in Freetown as the current models are not proper septic tanks; they fill up too quickly, many do not have a lined bottom which allows waste to seep into the ground, and there is no proper drain field for infiltration
  • Research feasible decentralized treatment options for fecal sludge in Freetown.

Location: Kenema or Freetown (depending on the nature of the work)
Reporting line: WASH Coordinator
Duration: 6 months

GOAL will provide accommodation in GOAL staff housing or guesthouse, phone, travel insurance for the duration of the placement and within limits, provision or reimbursement for travel to and from placement activities in the field.
For more information, please contact Renaud Deworst, HR Officer,


Vo Region

1. Project title: Technical assessment and establishment of a market garden in Vo (Togo)  AGRIFOOD/WATER/LIVELIHOOD

4 hectares of land available for rice paddies or vegetable/ fruit production. Technical assessment required for irrigation and water transmission network.
5-10 volunteers
6 months from September/October 2019

2. Project title: WASH assessment in Vo (Togo)  WATER/SANITATION
Assessment of WASH services in 3,500 households as well as local schools and health clubs (approximately 30). Propose targeted technical solutions for each of the above.

5-10 volunteers 
6 months from September/October 2019

3. Project title: Technical and financial assessment of drilling network in Vo (Togo)  WATER development of a private network of drillers for access to potable water in a rural setting

5-10 volunteers 
6 months from September/October 2019


  • Soil assessment
  • Crop recommendations based on soil conditions and demand
  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Development of a business model
  • Assessment of irrigation systems
  • Establishment of market gardens with support from MDA Togo team


  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Water management
  • Basic French (if possible)
  • Interest in agriculture (especially, tropical agronomy)


  • Accommodation with a kitchen (including cleaning)

Northern Uganda

  1. Project title: Sanitation as a business
    Sanitation /Environmental Management
    8 months / September 2019
    1 Volunteer

  2. Project title: Groundwater Conservation – Tree Planting
    6 months / September 2019
    1 Volunteer

  3. Project title: Groundwater exploration
    12 months / September 2019
    1 Volunteer

  4. Project title: Water quality treatment and sample testing
    6 months / September 2019
    1 Volunteer